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Mental Health Peer Consultant

We advocate for trauma responsiveness changes in a variety of areas, mostly in mental health, incarceration and with returning citizens.  We educate and bring awareness to individuals and systems of the underlying traumas that these individuals already have. There are many procedures as well as policies that don’t take preexisting trauma into account, causing further challenges and anxiety for individuals without solutions. We are an organization of people with a variety of lived experiences. We came together with a common goal in mind. As individuals we saw obstacles that we used as lessons. If we experienced the blocks then others may have or will have encountered them as well.

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Recovery and Transformation is golden

I have been a Peer Support Mental Health 
Specialists since 2007. I was born a champion and servant for the people. I have worked for humanity and social justice in Mental Health Peer Support as a Peer Specialist and a group facilitator the first 5 years. I started training groups of individuals in 2012. Bringing awareness and education to the intersectionality of Mental Health, Equity and Inclusion along with the Mass Incarceration that has grown out of intergeneration trauma. I am currently a sitting member of several Boards and Coalitions throughout the United States.

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Peerpocalypse National Peer Leader Award 2023

     Peerpocalypse is hosted by the Mental Health &Addiction Association of Oregon. This year was the 10th Annual Conference held on May 8th - 11th , 2023 at Seaside, Oregon. It is one of the Peer Support and Recovery Mentor conference, it has become International . 

   Braunwynn was nominated for the National Peer Leaders of the year.  As a member of a growing community of emerging peer leaders, Braunwynn has been involved in the Peer Support community since 2007 and a community leader since 2012. She moved into National leadership role in 2020, her goal is to bring awareness to Mental Health recovery and that it is possible.

National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery hosted Hill Day 2023

  • Your voice is valuable and your story matters!

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  • Understand your feeling, behaviors and character.

  • Unlearning disempowering connections and learning health attractments

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Today I started out with a 2-day workshop on gender violence. Tonight, in this space, after watching a debate, I began weeping and I wasn't sure why. No, it had nothing to do with the candidates.

I remembered today all the transformations I made during my peer specialist support training. It was sometimes emotionally and psychically exhausting. We had an incredibly diverse class and that was so helpful.

There was a chart today with percentages of gender violence and different age groups ... I realized that there wasn't an age group there that I hadn't experienced gender violence. That's because when I was younger there was no help for us unless you had an adult to talk with. When you're abused as a child you tend to develop survival skills and also misplaced trust. I never had boundaries and rarely felt truly safe. It seems like a movie to me when I'm thinking back.

That's a whole lot of years and I'm just realizing the depth of destruction caused by really poor choices.

Next week, I begin another training for peer wellness specialist. This comes at a perfect time because all that I will be learning will help me get back on track and get out of this isolation.

Tomorrow we will really dive in on the issue and on trauma. I'm ready.

If you need help, reach out and keep reaching out until you get it. I'm so grateful to be living in a time when I can learn, dissect and heal these wounds, because I'm finding a profound sense of peace in doing it.                                         


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